Robert SMith

Robert is a former Division 1 athlete turned serial entrepreneur.

As the founder and managing partner, Robert oversees the vision and mission of NUE and of its subsidiaries. He created a proprietary algorithmic formula known as the “Influencer Model” centered around the macroeconomic effects influencers have in TET (Technology, Entertainment, and Trends) to support his work in the field. As the Founder & Managing Partner of IECP, he was the lead investor and fund manager playing an integral role in building a portfolio of over 80 digital media companies with notable exits including: InDMusic acquired by LiveNation, FameBit acquired by Google, Vessel acquired by Verizon, StarMaker acquired by Everyone Happy, HelloGiggles acquired by Time Inc., and Overdog acquired by Odd Networks.

Robert previously served as a Director at Lido Advisors a $10B+ RIA where he led the firm’s Sports & Entertainment division. With extensive relationships in the world of sports and entertainment Robert is also the Co-Founder of APGS (Alumni Pro’s Global Sports), an IP managed services firm representing an elite group of iconic NFL & NBA Hall of Famers focused on acquiring ownership interest in professional sports leagues and franchises.