Kameale Terry

Co-Founder & CEO

Kameale C. Terry, Co-Founder & CEO

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Co-Founder & CEO of ChargerHelp, Kameale C. Terry, was born and raised in South Central Los Angeles. The daughter of Belizean immigrants, Kameale has always had a focus on environmental sustainability and community engagement.

With over a decade of experience in cleantech, Kameale formed ChargerHelp! with her co-founder, Evette Ellis, to create a reliable electric vehicle charging infrastructure. The cleantech company, powered by technology, uses data to identify and provide maintenance and repair services for electric vehicle charging stations/ equipment.

Previously, Kameale worked at EV Connect, where she was the Director of Programs for the electric vehicle charging station network provider. In that role, she structured and led teams to execute infrastructure projects in the United States, Australia, and Canada for commercial and government entities. Her notable projects include the Electrify America – Phase One program, the Southern California Edison Charge Ready Pilot, and the New York Power Authority portfolio.

Before that role, Kameale established the Customer Experience Department at EV Connect by partnering with the South Bay Workforce Investment Board and employing candidates from the local community. She believes an equitable green economy can be achieved through impactful development and realigning existing workforces with clean technology.

Kameale is an advisor for Edge Energy and a Co-creator of Culture and Climate, an annual gathering in Los Angeles of Investors, Founders, Industry Experts, Venture Capitalists, and Speakers in Cleantech. Kameale has a Bachelor of Science degree in Organizational Leadership from Azusa Pacific University and sits on several boards in entrepreneurial and environmental industries.


Company Bio
ChargerHelp! sits at the intersection of workforce development, adult learning, and clean technology. ChargerHelp! was founded in January 2020 in Los Angeles, CA by two local women, Kameale Terry and Evette Ellis. with the mission to leverage technology to promote economic mobility within all communities. We have partnered with workforce development agencies throughout the US to recruit candidates from all skilled backgrounds and train them to become industry experts as Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE) Technicians. In order to meet federal and local goals for 100 percent zero emission transportation, operable EV charging stations will be needed to ensure a faster electric vehicle adoption in the US.