Julio Gonzalez

Lord Julio Gonzalez, The Most Interesting Man in Tax and National Tax Reform Expert, is the Founder and CEO and Chairman of Engineered Tax Services, Inc. (ETS).

Consistently named one of the Top 100 most influential people in Accounting by AccountingToday, Mr. Gonzalez acquired The Growth Partnership, The Rosenberg Survey and ABLE CRM in 2020 to establish the largest specialty tax and consultative firm to the CPA community nationwide.

In 2021, Mr. Gonzalez founded Rockerbox to bring the accounting industry best in class resources in employment retention credits and work opportunity training credits.

Mr. Gonzalez also acquired Inside Public Accounting at the end of 2021 to strengthen the company’s abilities to be a resource to the Accounting community.

Mr. Gonzalez is truly the Nation’s forefather of specialty tax services and he and his companies have most recently been recognized for their assistance in preserving jobs in the United States. Mr. Gonzalez’ focus was to bring specialized engineering tax studies to mainstream America, which historically had only been available to Fortune 500 and public companies through the National Accounting Firms. These tax services are critical to creating, preserving and maintaining U.S. based jobs.

Mr. Gonzalez, through ETS, married the science of engineering with the principles of tax and accounting.

Julio also started the Gonzalez Family Office to invest in the United States Infrastructure while providing a platform for his foundation and his charities.

Today, Mr. Gonzalez and ETS are the country’s largest licensed engineering tax resource to 1000s of CPA and accounting firms nationally. ETS specialty tax services, that are so vital to creating, preserving and maintaining U.S. based jobs include:

  • Cost segregation studies
  • Research and development tax services
  • Energy tax services
  • Historic tax services
  • Employment retention credits
  • WOTC
  • Other related engineering-based tax services

Awards & Accolades

  • Named 100 Most Influential Person in Accounting Today
  • 30 Best CEOs of the Year by The Silicon Review
  • CEO Today Hall of Fame
  • Best Specialty Tax Practice, Year 2019 by Acquisition International