Ian Watts

Ian Watts is a world-class expert in helping entrepreneurs create their dream businesses.

An extremely accomplished Entrepreneur, Author, Teacher, Mindset and Small Business Coach, Ian

grew up on the eastside of Detroit without money or connections. He achieved his dream of

building a multi-million-dollar business at 26. From there, Ian raised millions in capital, launched

multiple businesses, and helped thousands of business owners, leaders, and investors to

transform their thinking and business approach to achieve their goals. He has trained and coached

clients in over 40 states in the US and in many countries around the world, including China, Hong

Kong, Canada, The United Kingdom, Saudi Arabia, and Australia. Ian has worked in 20+ industries.

And, though he loves small businesses, he also provides consulting for multi-billion-dollar

companies. In service of his mission to “Build Businesses that Bless the World,” Ian founded his

dream company, SB (Small Business) Dream Coach, to “be what he didn’t see” as a young minority

business owner. He has shared the stage with world renown speakers such as Eric “E.T.” Thomas

(The Hip Hop Preacher), Stormy Wellington, Dr. Sabrina Black, Christopher W. Brooks, Jacqueline

Baker, and Arel Moodie (Disney+ Host).