Shonte Jovan Taylor

A Neuroscientist On A Mission To Change The World

Austin, TX— Shonté Jovan-Taylor is a Neuroscientist, Entrepreneur and Success Strategist who is on a mission to change the world through the power of neuroscience so more people can unleash their human potential. In these ever-changing times, there is nothing more important than stretching your skill and knowledge towards the innovation you have inside. Not only inside your heart but your brain as well. The human brain has granted us intelligence far beyond any living species on Earth. As one of the busiest organs in the human body, our brains run with an astonishing efficacy nearly every second of our lives. While we have some control over what we do and how we think, our brains are more than capable of changing the world in a truly profound way. In her mission of empowering 100 million minds for change and prosperity, Neuroscientist, Author, and Contributor Shonté Jovan-Taylor is expanding her gifts for humanity.

After graduating from UCLA and achieving over 15 years of brain research and industrial-organizational training, Shonté has accelerated her of both a Neuroscientist and Success Trainer. But the road didn’t start off on such a successful trajectory. As a teenage mom, the cards were stacked against her, but Shonté prevailed, beginning college at just 16 years old. Her mission to spark human potential was something that didn’t just come naturally, it first sparked within herself. With her ability to change her circumstances through the power of Neuroscience, she knew it was something everyone could take part in and become the person they admire. So after conducting several multi-million dollar research studies for both the government and pharmaceutical industries, she launched her own training and research institute, The OptiMind Institute, to fulfill her mission. She focuses on all aspects of amplifying human potential, whether that is training organizations to elevate their leaders and workforce, or empowering entrepreneurs to manage their mental empires while they build their financial empires.

Shonté’s leadership and success trainings have allowed her to train thousands of coaches and leaders worldwide and to continue her passion for igniting High Performance, Productivity, and Focus Techniques that are based on neuroscience. Her recent accomplishments include writing a book to empower Generation X, hosting a globally rated podcast titled Coffee w/ A Neuroscientists, and becoming an official member of the Forbes Coaches Council.