Marcus Holmes

Marcus R Holmes is a Certified Human Resources Professional through both the Society of Human Resources Management(“SHRM”) and the Human Resources Certification Institute.  With over 24 years of HR experience, Marcus has enjoyed success in many areas of human resources, from employee relations and engagement to awe-inspiring recognition events.

Marcus is a credible activist; professional priest; cultural steward and employee relations consultant.  He has served in many capacities during his 19 years with the City of Detroit—from consultant to recruiter; payroll manager to project manager; business partner to analytics specialist and now General Manager of Operations in the Policy, Planning & Operations function where he is responsible for creating and developing strategic initiatives to support the City’s vision of a great place to work and employer of choice and the development and monitoring of the department’s $14 million budget.

From developing and implementing apprenticeships for mechanics and supporting diversity in technology to producing award-winning employee recognition events for administrative level employees, Marcus’ experience runs the gamut.  Marcus is an experienced HR PROFESSIONAL with proven, strategic business partnership expertise.

One executive says of Marcus: “Marcus is a consummate professional in every aspect when executing organizational change being driven by leadership.  He provides sage advice and counsel and is a trusted confidante with the most sensitive of matters. He is an inspirational leader who pushes everyone around him to greatness and I always want him on my team to affect my desired outcomes.”

He provides advice and counsel on policy matters and leads strategic efforts like implementing workforce analytics to strengthen strategic work planning to align organizational capabilities with the City’s vision of becoming a great place to work and an Employer of Choice.

Also an employee life coach, Marcus loves connecting people with their passion and purpose.

“The HR Passion Guy” Marcus is also working on a Human Resources engagement app “Gratitude Stations” to make every workspace a station of gratitude.

Recently, Marcus added author to that list of accomplishments with his first book, “The Gratefulness Journey Everyday:  What are you doing in the next 30 days to transform your life?” The book is available on Amazon.  The power of gratitude is undeniable: those who keep the practice in their lives are happier, healthier people.

Marcus holds a Bachelor of Business Administration Degree from Davenport University.  He recently completed the inaugural cohort of Hacking HR, and he has been named a member of their Experts Council of global HR and business leaders committed to creating the best HR ever.

His favorite saying is “Live in the center of your passion and there you will find much success.”

Away from the passion for human resources, Marcus enjoys family, especially his niece/daughter Autumn, music, good books, and great food.