Frank Venegas, Jr

Frank Venegas, a Detroit, Michigan entrepreneur and the grandson of Mexican immigrants, capitalized a winning raffle ticket, the proceeds of a new 1979 Cadillac, and his grandfather’s sage advice “Do what your boss does not want to do!” to launch his first company in 1979. The Ideal Group, a Southwest Detroit family-owned company, has evolved into eight nationally recognized companies with annual revenues approaching $350 million, employing approximately 500 people. Over the years, family members Loren (brother), Linzie (daughter), and Jesse (son) joined the Ideal Leadership team as owners.

Based on the Venegas family core values, Ideal companies continually meet and exceed customer needs in construction, facilities management, manufacturing, indirect material management, and surplus sales. Performance-driven, General Motors awarded Ideal companies sixteen of its Global Supplier of the Year awards.

An MMSDC Luminary Award Recipient, NMSDC and MMSDC selected Frank Venegas and Ideal Group companies for their MBE Of the Year Award and numerous MBE Supplier of the Year Awards. The government of Mexico gave Frank Venegas its Ohtli Award, the highest award to a foreign citizen. The Ohtli award is a tribute to Ideal’s corporate advocacy, mentoring, and philanthropic contributions to community schools and organizations that provide educational and career opportunities. The award illustrates the Venegas family value, “Take care of your community, and your community will take care of you.”