• 8:00 AM to 9:00 AM ET
    Annual Meeting
  • 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM ET
    MBEIC – All-MBE Meeting

    Ready. Set. Grow. Managing Out of the Pandemic Pothole

    MBEIC Virtual Industry Day is free to attend for MBEs but you must register. You can register for as many Break-out Sessions as you like. All MBEIC Industry Group Break-Out Sessions are on ZOOM.

    The Pandemic has disrupted the entire landscape impacting MBEs differently. RSG to walk through each section and offer counsel, advice, listening ear, and business continuity services via consultants.


    • Sylvester Hester, MBEIC Chairman and Automotive & Manufacturing Industry Leader
    • Charles Moore, President C. L. Moore & Associates, MBEIC Professional Services/Insurance Services/Staffing Industry Leader

    Discussion Speakers:

    Real World Engagement Consultants

    • T. Renee Smith, CEO of iSuccess Consulting, Inc.
    • Michael Sheppard, CFP IronwoodDrive Financial Group, LLC (IFG)

    Real World Engagement Participants

    • Vickie Lewis, President, VMX International, LLC
    • Mariayah Saifuddin, President, Innovative Solution Partners, Inc.
    • John Thompson, President, Diversity Engineering Services, Inc.

    Encouragement Speaker:

    • Leon Richardson, President, Chemico, LLC

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  • 9:15 AM to 10:45 AM ET
    CDC – All-Corporate Member Meeting
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET
    AIG Meeting
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET
    MBEIC – Industry Group Meeting

    Click here to register for these sessions!

    Ready. Set. Grow. Managing Out of the Pandemic Pothole

    MBEIC Virtual Industry Day is free to attend for MBEs but you must register. You can register for as many Break-out Sessions as you like. All MBEIC Industry Group Break-Out Sessions are on ZOOM.

    The Pandemic has disrupted the entire landscape impacting MBEs differently. RSG to walk through each section and offer counsel, advice, listening ear, and business continuity services via consultants.

    Automotive & Manufacturing and Transportation/Warehousing, Petrochemical and Energy/Utilities Industry Groups

    • Sylvester Hester, MBEIC Chair – Industry Leader Automotive & Manufacturing and
    • Anthony Heath – Industry Leader, Transportation/Warehousing, Petrochemical and Energy/Utilities

    Leveraging Relationships for Maximum Business Growth

    Every successful business understands the power of relationships in building and growing their business. Join this discussion to learn how to maximize your relationships for maximum business growth.

    Discussion Speakers

    • Kelvin Squires, Chief Executive Officer, Center Line Electric, Inc.
    • Jacque Mullins, National Sales Director, ACE Petroleum, Inc.
    • Lena Williams, Deputy Chief Procurement Officer by the Emergency Manager, City of Detroit

    Construction Industry Group

    • Roderick Rickman, Chairman, Rickman Enterprise Group LLC – MBEIC Co-Industry Leader
    • Stephanie Burnley, Co-CEO, Devon Group – MBEIC Co-Industry Leader

    Construction. Connections. Contracts.

    The program provides opportunity for MBEs to connect with corporate members as well as to learn about contracting opportunities with Wayne County Airport Authority.

    Discussion Speakers

    • Bryant Holt, Senior Vice President & Chief Development Officer, Wayne County Airport Authority, Detroit
    • Matt Stone, Vice President/Manager of Business Development, Commercial Contracting Corporation

    Consumer Products / Commercial / Retail / Hospitality Food & Beverage Industry Group

    • Jose Reyes, President, Universal Products Marketing – MBEIC Industry Leader

    Brand Savvy: Penetrating the Big Box Retailers—The Untold Story

    Many MBEs dream about having their products on the shelves of retail big leagues, such as Walmart, Target, Meijer, and others. Many are clueless about what it takes to not only get there, but stary there. If this is your goal, you want to attend this session where our speakers will share what it takes to penetrate and stay with retail big leagues.

    Discussion Speakers

    • Haith Johnson, Le `Host, LLC, President
    • Tiffany Cartwright, Owner, Amarra Products, G.L.A.M.

    Healthcare Industry Group

    • Ime Ekpenyong, Ph.D, Chief Executive Officer, ScriptGuideRX (SGRX) – MBEIC Industry Leader, Healthcare

    A Future of Brilliance for Diverse Suppliers in Healthcare

    It has been said that difficult times bring great opportunity for business. COVID-19 brought many lessons of resilience for diverse suppliers as we saw the landscape change in the healthcare industry. New doors open through innovation and pivoting to support the needs faced by hospital systems across the nation. This session will feature a minority business that made the shift and found success along with legends in healthcare supplier diversity that will highlight how to keep the doors open.

    Discussion Speakers

    • Deborah Williams MSM, Sr. Director, Program Management, Supplier Diversity & Sustainability (EPP) Premier GPO
    • Beverly Jennings, Founder and CEO, See Company, Inc.

    Professional Services / Insurance Services / Staffing / Education and Government Entities Industry Group

    • Charles Moore, President C. L. Moore & Associates – Industry Leader, Professional Services/Insurance Services/Staffing

    Innovative Positioning for Your Business – Due to the effects of COVID-19

    Covid-19 has forced many businesses into a new normal. Compelling many of us to reposition and become more innovative with our products and services. What worked Pre – COVID may no longer be affective, so an adjustment to our Marketing, Branding, Advertising, and Business Plan is necessary to survive.

    Discussion Speakers:

    • Lisa MB Burton, L Insight Group 2 LLC

    Telecommunication and Technology Industry Group

    • Eric Hardy, CEO W3R Consulting – MBEIC Industry Leader Telecommunications and Technology

    Supplier Diversity Partnership—Microsoft for MBEs

    In summer 2020, Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella announced Microsoft would double the number of Black- and African American-owned approved suppliers over the next three years and spend an incremental $500M with those existing and new suppliers. Also announced were additional investments into the Microsoft partner community. What opportunity does this create for your business? Come and find out.

    Discussion Speaker:

    • Warren Flood, Corporate Affairs Manager, Microsoft

    Click here to register for these sessions!

  • 12:30 PM to 2:00 PM ET
    HR Track 1: Employee Wellbeing and Mental Health

    Covid 19 has brought upon many challenges for businesses and employers. While working from home may be the new normal, there may be unintended consequences from this shift in doing business. This session focuses on employee mental health and wellbeing related to working from home. Dr. Michael Kobernick and Cindy Bjorkquist, mental health and wellbeing experts from Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan, will be on for a live session to discuss strategies businesses should focus on to improve their employee’s mental health and wellbeing during this pandemic.

    Click here to register

    Dr. Michael Kobernick
    Senior Medical Director of Health Plan Business
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
    Cindy Bjorkquist
    Director of Well Being
    Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
  • 2:15 PM to 3:00 PM ET
    HR Track 2: COVID Vaccinations: To Mandate or Not?

    Mandatory vaccinations are generally permissible, but subject to significant limitations and exceptions. Requiring vaccination in the workplace raises a host of legal, regulatory, and practical considerations, particularly by the Americans with Disabilities Act (“ADA”) and Title VII of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 (“Title VII”). Learn about your ability to mandate vaccines and what course of action you may be required to undertake.

    Click here to register

    Andrey Tomkiw
    Dinsmore & Shohl LLP
  • 3:15 PM to 4:00 PM ET
    HR Track 3: Flexibility, The Shift from Location to Time

    Working from home has become the new normal. Instead of commuting to the office everyday, employees have now gained more time during their workday. As a result of this, many employers have instituted flexible policies for their employees. This session will explore some of these flexible policies being implemented to accommodate employees working from home. Additionally, as employers start to bring people back into the office, when will that happen and what will that look like after working remotely for over a year.

    Click here to register

    Tammy Browning (Moderator)
    Senior Vice President and President
    Michael Sullivan
    Director, Supplier Diversity
    Rock Central
    Carrie Bridges
    HR Business Partner
  • 8:15 AM to 9:15 AM ET
    333 Years to Parity! The Case for Changing Supplier Diversity as We Know it

    Passionate about minority supplier development? Committed to making a difference? Resolute in making your seat at the table count? Firm in your belief that all communities deserve strong economies?

    All of the above are admirable ideologies, but that is all they are if they aren’t combined with substantive, results-driven actions. Such actions must be tracked and reported for transparent accountability to ensure progress is made.

    MMSDC recently commissioned research to determine how long it will take to achieve economic equity in communities of color based on the current growth of U.S. MBEs. The data is sobering, but, with your commitment, we believe we can reduce the amount of time it will take.

    How? Join this session to see the countdown clock and learn powerful, actionable steps you can take to reduce the time. Together, we can accelerate success and improve the economy for all communities.

    Michelle Sourie Robinson
    President and CEO
    Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council
    Neeraj Shah
    Founder and CEO
  • 9:30 AM to 10:30 AM ET
    KEYNOTE: Exclusive Access: If Economic Equity is part of the dream, how do we close the gap?

    A conversation with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr’s daughter, human rights activist, Rev. Dr. Bernice King on her father’s legacy and how his dream truly encompasses economic inclusion and opportunity for all. Dr. King is often revered but few fully appreciate how attuned he was to the power of economic opportunity. You don’t want to miss this powerful discussion with his daughter who carries on her parents’ legacy as CEO of The King Center.

    Michelle Sourie Robinson
    President & CEO
    Michigan Minority Supplier Development Council
  • 10:45 AM to 11:15 AM ET
    Minority Women's Track: Applying Basketball Court Principles to WIN in Business

    With over 20+ years being around the game of basketball – as a collegiate player, a professional player, and a coach – the sport has taught Chasity Melvin everything needed to exceed on the court, in life, and in business. In this session, you will learn:

    • Teamwork- Learn how to work together to know his or her role on the team
    • Communication – Learn how to communicate with your teammates on defense and offense
    • Character – Learn how to overcome tough moments, failures, and low production
    • Vision – Learn the importance of having a vision and building a culture is to a team

    These are just a few of the things that the sport of basketball has taught Chasity please join us to learn how you can apply basketball principles and protocol to win in business.

    Chastity Melvin
    Assistant Coach
    Phoenix Mercury (WNBA)
  • 10:00 AM to 3:00 PM ET
    Live Networking
  • 11:00 AM to 12:00 PM ET
    Corporate Supplier Diversity: What Great Really Looks Like

    A Reducing 333 Years to Parity: Real Talk and Real Results session featuring national corporations with cutting-edge supplier diversity processes, action-oriented top-down commitment and most importantly, tangible and measurable results. Whether you are just starting your supplier diversity program and desire to create sound processes for more than company marketing and awards, or you oversee an existing program that needs to reach next-level impact, this session is for you.

    Fernando Hernandez
    Director, Supplier Diversity
    The Coca-Cola Company
    Kris Oswold
    UPS Vice President of Global Supplier Diversity
    Tanya Nixon
    Manager, Impact Spending
    Kaiser Permanente
    Raul Suarez-Rodriguez (Moderator)
    Associate Director, Economic Inclusion and Supplier Diversity
  • 12:30 PM to 1:30 PM ET
    MBE Track: Tomorrow’s Strategy for Building A Sustainable Business Today

    American companies are reshoring and near-shoring to the United States. After decades of sending jobs overseas, employment is being shifted back to Indian Nations and U.S. Territories. Discover how your business can benefit through tax incentives and other financial benefits when you reshore on Tribal lands and the Caribbean. Communities are competing to attract firms, and many have found that financial and nonfinancial incentives are tools that can provide a competitive edge. As a PRIME Supplier or Corporate Executive find out what your options are and the financial benefits that can help you become a vital part of the economic ecosystem.

  • 12:15 PM to 1:30 PM ET
    New Normal Connections: Defying Cultural Disruptions and Social Distancing

    The key to business survival is being agile and knowing what adjustments are needed, where to adjust and how to adjust. In a world of cultural disruptions and social distancing, companies had to revisit how they do business and connect with their audience. This session will discuss cultural norms relevant in today’s marketplace, understand recent marketing and communication trends, pitfalls to avoid, and successful strategies businesses have used to connect and expand their reach effectively.

    Judy Schramm
    Chief Executive Officer
    ProResource, Inc.
    Varchasvi Shankar
    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Paula Tutman (Moderator)
    Specialty Correspondent
    WDIV Local 4 Detroit
    Michael Solomon
    GSB, Inc. dba Goodman Speaker Management
  • 1:30 PM to 2:45 PM ET
    One MMSDC: The Business Case for Diversity and Inclusion; Not Just a Passing Fad

    ONE MMSDC, the committee focused on the unification of the business community of Michigan presents a session on; Diversity & Inclusion, Not Just a Passing Fad. This session is designed to discuss: Why the corporations are engaging; How they are engaging; and the opportunities to work with MBEs. The Corporations want you to know that they are committed to fostering an inclusive climate in the business they conduct with minority owned businesses

    James Bos
    Vice President, Global Procurement
    Yanfeng Global Automotive Interiors
    Two Eagles Marcus (Moderator)
    MPWRDX Media Group
    Paul Colligan
    Manager, Corporate Procurement
    AF Group
    Joe Matthews
    Vice President of Purchasing and Diversity Officer
    Debra Quade
    Supplier Diversity Manager
    Kellogg Company
    Andrea Poulopoulos
    Director of Indirect and Information Services Sourcing
    Spectrum Health
  • 2:00 PM to 3:00 PM ET
    MBE Track: Demystifying Supply Chain Financing: Reverse Factoring

    Supply chain finance is a process used to promote healthy cash flow for small and minority owned businesses who win contracts with large corporations who generally have payment terms that are not convenient for smaller businesses. By definition, Supply chain finance (SCF) refers to the techniques and practices used by banks and other financial institutions to manage the capital invested into the supply chain and reduce risk for the parties involved.

    The intention of this session is to demonstrate how Supply Chain Financing benefits the ordering party (customer), the supplier, and the factor.

    We invite all procurement executives, supplier diversity professional, Minority Businesses and Corporations to come hear TradeIX Managing Director & subject matter expert Dan Juliano demystify this banking process.

    Dan Juliano
    Managing Director
  • 2:45 PM to 4:45 PM ET
    DEI Exclusive: Chief Diversity Officer Forum

    A Reducing 333 Years to Parity: Real Talk and Real Results session. After the U.S. economy declined in Spring 2020, the DEI&B industry experienced an astonishing 123% increase in job postings between May and September.Companies are truly making historic moves to meet the moment.To support this effort and help drive meaningful change, we have created a special forum for MMSDC corporate members or certified MBE employees bearing organizational DEIB credentials.

    The focus is on equipping, supporting and empowering those with total oversight for all diversity, equity, inclusion and belonging initiatives.Our national line-up of subject matter experts will consult a Real Talk, Real Results session designed to assist you as you and your company leverage diversity to drive business results.

    Click here to register

    Lottie Holland (Moderator)
    Director - Diversity, Inclusion, Engagement & EEO Compliance
    Kevin Clayton
    Vice President of Diversity, Inclusion & Engagement
    Cleveland Cavaliers
    Gloria Johnson Goins
    Head of Health Equity, Growth and Business Partnerships
    Amazon Pharmacy
    Frank McCloskey
    Former Vice President of Diversity (Retired)
    Georgia Power


    With the plethora of expert knowledge present during this session, you have an opportunity to submit questions/scenarios in advance for the panel to address directly

    Click here to submit your questions

  • 3:00 PM to 4:30 PM ET
    USMCA Cooperation to Increase Trade and Investment Opportunities

    Thank you for planning to attend the USMCA Cooperation to Increase Trade & Investment Opportunities. By attending session, you will learn how to connect with like minded businesses to create international teaming agreements, arrange on demand B2B’s, create partnerships, export transactions or establish operations abroad.

    Gary Schkade
    AMBE Engineering, LLC
    Suk-Kyu Koh
    Chairman and CEO
    Chrysan Industries
    Ricardo Apaez
    Innovation Director
    Nuevo Leon Automotive Cluster – CLAUT
    Jeronimo Garcia de Brahi
    Founder & CEO
    Disruptive Matters ©
    Oscar Albin
    Executive President
    National Industry of Automotive Parts
    Jorge Canavati (Moderator)
    J. Canavati & Co. LLC

We are excited to announce that MBEs now have the option to pre-schedule appointments to meet directly with buyers attending various corporate booths during the Business Opportunity Exchange Day. Please note that only one appointment per commodity with each Corporate Member and that duplicate appointments will be deleted. Appointment availability is limited, so be sure to book your appointment today!

Schedule an appointment today

Conference attendees are invited to join us in celebrating 40 years of MMPC with a festive, virtual Wine Down Networking Cocktail hour at the conclusion of the conference on May 6th 4:15pm – 5:30pm (EST).

The hour will be filled with piped-in tunes from a live virtual DJ, live mocktail/cocktail demonstrations (including our very own 40th MMPC signature cocktail!) with a talented mixologist, and opportunities to socialize, network, or connect with colleagues in a celebratory environment.

Moscow Mule Box

  • One 200ml Tito's Vodka
  • One bottle Ginger Beer
  • One Squeeze Lime

The Perfect Margarita Box

  • One 200ml bottle of Hornita Plata Tequila
  • One 10oz bottle of Zing Zang Margarita Mix
  • One Squeeze Lime

Be sure to order your Cocktail Kit today so that you can follow along the mixology demonstration.

Download Cocktail Recipes Purchase Your Cocktail Kit!


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