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Tekisha Lee is the Founder and CEO of DiverseNote LLC. Tekisha brings seventeen (17) years of experience in the development, implementation, and management of recruitment and sourcing practices within high tech industries. Her experience includes a strong understanding of and leadership in the areas of workforce development, economic development, job creation, Federal government, social services and technology in a national, as well as international capacity.

Tekisha’s client roster includes public and private sector for-profit organizations as well as nonprofit organizations. Ms. Lee was also been appointed as a U.S. Department of State Delegate to the Maghreb, advising on job creation and economic development with other global leaders within the industry. Ms. Lee also serves on non-profit boards in leadership positions.

Tekisha Lee is the Founder and CEO of DiverseNote. DiverseNote is the outreach, recruitment and retention platform (SaaS) for students and professionals from the all-inclusive diversity community and employers that seek the best of the world’s talent. DiverseNote tools assist employers with increasing their talent pipeline with competitive professionals from the all-inclusive diversity community while meeting EEO and corporate social responsibility standards. DiverseNote has over 2.5 Million users to date. In addition, DiverseNote Mobility is a national U.S. DOL Apprenticeship Program that is also approved by the U.S. Veterans  Administration. DiverseNote Mobility creates the workforce of the future by providing credentialed training programs in Cyber Security, Autonomous Cars, Front End Development, HR, Hospitality, Advanced Manufacturing, Construction Technology, and other industries.

Learn more about DiverseNote at www. DiverseNote.com.


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