Nazareth Black

Nazareth is a businesswoman with a passion for cars and new technologies, Nazareth has become a leader in the automotive industry in Mexico and Latin America, thanks to her focus on the digital transformation of the industry. She has developed innovative businesses that have gained recognition from various media and institutions. Nazareth’s interest in the automotive industry led her to launch Car Fast, the first digital car dealer She has also been involved in the development of electric cars, leading Zacua, the first Mexican brand of electric cars. In addition to her work in fintech, Nazareth writes a blog focused on the latest trends in mobility and electromobility, making her one of the most influential voices in the sector. She is also involved in services for sustainable nearshoring. As an international lecturer and writer, Nazareth contributes to various media outlets specialized in the automotive industry, technology, and energy, where she advocates for the inclusion and empowerment of women in the automotive industry. Nazareth earned her bachelor’s degree in law and Social Sciences with focus on administration for small and medium enterprises. She is often a speaker at national and international conferences with topics on the automotive industry 4.0, business, marketing, sustainability, digital transformation and smart mobility.