Jasaun Moncrief

Jasaun Moncrief is a Data Analytics Specialist in Michigan. He is the owner of Adam Divine Analytics LLC. He specializes in helping companies build supply chain analytics plans, which includes modeling, simulation, optimization, as well as creating digital scorecards and dashboards. Jasaun is also a certified Business Coach. 

He has been awarded multiple certifications in the Data Science/Analytics industry which includes – What is Data Science from IBM & Data Science Math Skills from Duke University. Jasaun is currently enrolled in the University of Texas at Austin graduate program for Data Science & Business Analytics. Mr. Moncrief is committed to helping businesses avoid catastrophic supply chain disruptions and increasing productivity through data science and analytics. 

When he isn’t glued to a computer screen, he enjoys spending time with his family, exercising, reading, and dining out at great restaurants. His most recent book, Own Your Passion: Turn Your Idea Into a Successful Business, was published in 2018. Jasaun is currently working on developing his own construction management app and publishing his second book focused on Data Science & Analytics.