Jacquie Munson Gaines

At JMG CONNECTS we know people, real people, because throughout our careers, we have worked with them in multiple sectors and at every level of business from entry-level positions to executives. Our Founder, Jacquie Munson Gaines started JMG Connects, a black and woman- owned, Detroit based, Human Resources consulting firm, with the future of diverse workforces in mind, where all people feel empowered and included.

Jacquie brings over thirty years of experience in the industry and has held leadership positions with some of the most renowned human resources teams and corporations in the country. As a woman of color who has worked with corporations, leadership teams, and front line workers, in biased cultures across the country, diversity is not just a catch phrase but is real to JMG. These experiences have given Jacquie insights into both the day-to-day and longer-term challenges facing organizations.

Jacquie has unique awareness and sensitivity that she and her team bring to each client who is navigating today’s cultural climate. Whether your organization is seeking human resource consulting, executive search and recruiting, diversity, equity and inclusion training, leadership and cultural development services, JMG Connects understands that diverse experiences and backgrounds lead to fresh ideas, original perspectives, innovative products and strategies, and stronger business values. Jacquie and her consulting team are the industry’s most knowledgeable, accomplished and collaborative, with access to an experienced network of top-tier talent management expertise nation-wide.

JMG Connects will work with you to understand the most acute people challenges facing your company today and partner to help your organization and each individual resolve them with customized solutions. Together, we are real people overcoming real challenges.