Gina King

Gina King is the Founder of The Ovation Point.  Her personal mission is to “Drive barriers to zero.”

Gina started as a Chemist in the mid-1990s, breaking more things than she fixed. While awarded for her creative optimism in correcting the senior Chemists’ calculations during an internship at Eaton, she realized how long her road would be toward managing her own projects and how much she enjoyed supporting others. In 1994 during a chance opportunity to use her problem-solving skills to fix a technical project at First Federal of Michigan, where she was a bank teller, she helped a technician fixed a firewall and was hooked on IT. She dumped chemistry for technology and started off her career at Eaton Steel & Bar Co. in Oak Park, Michigan, as a traveling tech, cleaning boot sector viruses off Windows 3 systems and fixing printers. Fast-forward 30(ish) years, and she’s found herself in a lot of places doing a lot of interesting things in the information security industry. She brings all her experience to bear with incredibly unique, creative, and fresh perspective.

Simultaneously, Gina’s “side gig” is education. She has a decade of giving back to her community through teaching more than 30,000 adult learners, serving as school chair and school dean, in the cybersecurity and project management disciplines. 

• Served 100s of companies; big and small on Third Party Risk projects and cybersecurity posturing programs.

• Television and radio appearances on the topic of education and technology. 

• Delivered dozens of information security talks at dozens of conferences; audiences ranging from less than 10 to more than a 10,000.

An “information security evangelist”, thought leader and specialist in advising Boards of Directors, legal counsel, and executive management. Her unique sense of humor, and “tell it like it is” demeanor, gets the point across and produces results for all audiences (although sometimes it gets her kicked out of meetings and on blacklists).