Chris Genteel

Founder and Principal

Chris Genteel, Founder and Principal, Glidelane

Glidelane Founder Chris Genteel (he/him) has been a visionary leader and champion of equitable business and product development, leading the Business & Product Inclusion movement to transform how tech can drive business value through values. Chris advised Google’s first 3 CEOs on implementing DEI and ESG policy and practice across corporate enterprise and continues to advise companies on strategies to win in the market by embedding equity, diversity and inclusion in their products, services and business operations. 

For over 15 years at Google Chris was the founder of global, company-wide efforts to achieve DEI, racial equity and climate action catalyzing Google’s public goals on Supplier Diversity, Product Inclusion and Net Zero Decarbonization. He was the architect of new teams who created business strategy and programs to drive digital transformation and economic impact outcomes for marginalized communities. Programs his teams created – such as Google’s Product Inclusion, Supplier Diversity, Accelerate with Google, Grow with Google Digital Coaches, Connected Churches, the Tuck Digital Excellence Program and Net Zero supply chain – led to Billions of dollars of direct economic impact for entrepreneurs from communities of color, women & lgbtq entrepreneurs while driving Google’s bottom-line and reputation outcomes. He has helped create jobs and businesses for practitioners of Business & Product Inclusion across the field. 

Chris is an Advisory Board member of the FiscalNote Executive Institute, the Tuck Executive Education Program and the University Musical Society. As a member of the Black Angel Group and Collab Fund Chris invests energy and capital in founders and other talent from communities of color and other marginalized communities, helping them create inroads to corporate customers and new revenue sources. Chris’s Digital Coaches program won the 2022 Fast Company Innovation by Design Award, he was a Council of Urban Professionals (CUP) Catalyst in Technology, a Fellow of the inaugural cohorts of MLT’s SELF & Career Advancement Programs, and the 2021 Rainbow PUSH Tech Influencer by Rev’d Jesse Jackson, Sr..

More about Chris: https://www.linkedin.com/in/chrisgenteel/

Chris writes at glidelane.blog/