Everyone’s in Sales: Ensuring a Sales Mindset in Your Company to Sell and Close MORE Business

“To sell more, we must engage more” This is the rallying call of Todd Cohen’s engaging and energetic keynote that inspires and motivates the auditing executive to see sales in a new and revitalized way and show others how to engage profitably.

Based on his books, “Everyone’s in Sales” and “STOP Apologizing and START Selling,” Todd skillfully blends humor, vulnerability, and personal stories while ending the negative stereotype of sales and demonstrates that “every conversation is a selling moment!”

Todd’s keynote is all about building a successful sales culture, so more sales happen and at the same time ensures customer and client retention and positive organizational and company engagement. He will show each attendee how individually they impact a customer’s decision to say “yes” and thus how everyone has a “line of sight to revenue.”

This timely and motivational message creates the mindset that everyone “sells” by doing what they do so well each day and with every conversation and interaction.

Todd leads the audience through the building blocks of how to sell ourselves and motivate others to sell as part of our Virtual Team™ and achieve our goals.

MBE Session Professional Development Day
Location: 140 B Date: May 9, 2018 Time: 10:30 am - 11:45 am Todd Cohen