Minority Business Women’s Symposium Plenary Session: She Profits®: The New Rules of Leadership + Prosperity for Women

The path to success comes laced with unwelcome surprises and setbacks. Based on principles from her best selling book Believe Bigger, Reinvention Strategist, Futurist and Serial Entrepreneur Marshawn Evans Daniels shares how embracing disruption and pursuing significance (as opposed to success) is key to any major shift.  You’ll learn the #1 secret to increasing your income, influence, and impact.  And, why now is the time for women to embrace their uniqueness, to disrupt the status quo and to pursue higher possibilities with boldness and unapologetic brilliance.

Minority Business Women's Symposium Professional Development Day
Location: 141 Date: May 8, 2019 Time: 2:00 pm - 3:00 pm Marshawn Evans Daniels