333 Years to Parity! The Case for Changing Supplier Diversity as We Know it

Passionate about minority supplier development? Committed to making a difference? Resolute in making your seat at the table count? Firm in your belief that all communities deserve strong economies?

All of the above are admirable ideologies, but that is all they are if they aren’t combined with substantive, results-driven actions. Such actions must be tracked and reported for transparent accountability to ensure progress is made.

MMSDC recently commissioned research to determine how long it will take to achieve economic equity in communities of color based on the current growth of U.S. MBEs. The data is sobering, but, with your commitment, we believe we can reduce the amount of time it will take.

How? Join this session to see the countdown clock and learn powerful, actionable steps you can take to reduce the time. Together, we can accelerate success and improve the economy for all communities.