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Mobile App - MMPC 2020


We’ve built a mobile/online app for MMPC 2020! It has all the important information you’ll need for the event and features to enhance your event experience. Feel free to use it as a guide as you navigate through the MMPC virtual conference platform and connect with attendees and content during and post-conference.

If you would like to use a desktop or online version of the app this year, please click on the web version link to access. The online event guide is identical to the mobile app version and allows you to stay on one device throughout the virtual conference if a computer is your preferred method of accessing the virtual conference platform

Web Version – https://crowd.cc/mmpc2020



If you would like to use the mobile app, then follow the instructions below. Both online and mobile versions share the same password. and login information. Thank you and enjoy MMPC 2020!

APP URL – https://crowd.cc/s/3JZnK


Step 1: Download the App!
The first thing you’ll need to do is download the app on the device you’re bringing to the event.

Event Password: reinvent2020

Don’t have iOS or Android? Skip Step 1 and go straight to Step 2 to verify your account and use the mobile web version of the app.

Download the App: v3.eventcenter.crowdcompass.com/…/preview


Step 2: Verify Your Account
Follow the prompts from the email you received or create a log-in click Verify Account to unlock all of the app’s advanced features.