MMPC Matchmaker Registration Now Open

We are pleased to announce that companies can begin registration to participate in this year’s matchmaker at MMPC 2019. The matchmaker is Tuesday, May 7th between 2pm – 5pm at COBO Center during MMPC Industry Day. Corporate buyers will spend 15-minute sessions with a variety of MBE suppliers that they preselect in the weeks leading up to the conference.

DTE Energy at Matchmaker 2018

This year, thanks to DTE Energy, we are rolling out our new ‘MMSDC Matchmaker Portal’ that will make scheduling and managing your matchmaker sessions at MMPC easier.

How to Participate 

If you are a corporate member looking to particpate, click on the link below and create a corporate buyer profile that includes the needs and commodities you are interested in procuring.

If you are an MMSDC Certified MBE and would like to participate, click the link below and create an MBE supplier profile that includes the commodities and services that you offer. 

Matchmaker Process Timeline

Matchmaker submissions for both corporate members and MBEs will remain open until March 29th  

After the submission deadline, the system will automatically make matches for corporations and MBEs by April 3rd based on needs and commodities offered.

After the automatic match, between April 4th – April 18th ​corporations are free to approve or reject those companies and accept any other ones they may be interested in meeting. MBEs will be allowed to manually request meetings with corporations that have not completed their meeting schedule. 

Corporate Approval and Meeting Finalization will take place between April 19th – May 1st.

New this year: Featured Appointments – Schedule 1-on-1 meeting in private office space on Thursday during the Business Opportunity Exchange

In addition to our traditional matchmaker on Industry Day, we are introducing “Featured Appointments” where corporate exhibitors can schedule and approve private appointment sessions with MBEs that meet their specific procurement needs on Thursday, May 9th during the Business Opportunity Exchange. 

If you would like to make predetermined appointments, select ‘5/9/2019’ when viewing your matchmaker calendar when you begin to approve/reject companies. If you are interested in participating in Featured Appointments, please contact MMSDC to discuss your strategy and next steps.